We are extremely proud of the way we transform our customers’ bills into real savings.

We also realize it’s one thing to brag about ourselves, yet it’s quite another to have happy customers do it for us. So, this is where we recount our successes and proudest moments – helping customers on their journey to more time, more savings, and better services.

Sharon G

Smooth Operator

As someone new to BillAdvisor Silver, Sheryl is eager to learn how to start saving money with her membership. After being frustrated with her Verizon service, she realizes this is a perfect opportunity to test the value and effectiveness of BillAdvisor.

Sheryl’s bundled service with Verizon includes a home phone plan (featuring unlimited calling and long distance), internet, plus a Jetpack® device. Jetpacks provide on-the-go internet connectivity for Wi-Fi–enabled devices and require data plans. Her total cost for this bundle is $89 per month, which is a stretch on her fixed retirement income.

In the past, Sheryl has unsuccessfully tried to lower her costs and get her internet fixed by calling Verizon herself. Issues with her internet mean she’s paying for a service she has been unable to use for several months! Fed up with the runaround and failed promises to return her calls, she’s skeptical but willing to see what her BillAdvisor concierge, Will, can do to help. Luckily, he’s very excited and confident in his abilities to save her money.

BillAdvisor’s Silver Tongue

Will calls Verizon and starts negotiating. He immediately notes that Sheryl is paying $7.99 per month for antivirus software which she never uses and doesn’t need. Cutting this out equals instant savings on her bill within just a few minutes.

After discussing Sheryl’s previously unsuccessful attempts to resolve her internet issues, she thinks about canceling it altogether. However, upon questioning the rep further, Will finds out Verizon will charge her $29.99 for reactivation of the internet service if she cancels.

With this in mind, Sheryl decides to keep her home internet while getting rid of the Jetpack instead. A technician will even visit her home to fix her internet for free. As for her home phone, Will finds out Sheryl can cancel the regional calling plan too, boosting her savings even more!

When Will announces the newly negotiated monthly total, Sheryl is very surprised and becomes overwhelmed with emotion. After the difficulty she’s experienced simply trying to cut down her bill, she’s very appreciative of Will’s accomplishments.

Sheryl’s bundled package was reduced just by removing the internet security suite, Jetpack device, and regional calling feature on her home phone – all without impacting the quality of service! What was the total Will saved Sheryl in the end?


BillAdvisor saved Sheryl $25 per month on her bundle!


Two Birds, One BillAdvisor

Sharon G. and her family have kept DIRECTV® television service for over 7 years. While she’s been a faithful subscriber to the TV giant, she is seriously considering making a change.

Over time, her bill ballooned to a ridiculous cost despite having the same service – a not-so-mysterious phenomenon orchestrated by service providers known as “rate creep”.

Sharon speaks to her internet provider, Comcast® who offers her an enticing bundled TV deal. However, she’s tried Comcast® television before and wasn’t too thrilled, so she switched back to DIRECTV which better fit her needs.

Unsure of her choices, Sharon suddenly remembers she has a membership with BillAdvisor Gold and gives us a call.

Sharon G

How We lowered Sharon’s DIRECTV & Comcast Internet Bills

A BillAdvisor explains the problem to a DIRECTV representative, giving them a chance to retain Sharon’s business.

As a loyal, longtime customer, Sharon should certainly receive the programming she deserves at an affordable rate. She loves HBO’s smash hit series, “Game of Thrones”, and she regularly upgrades to the network for the annual season premieres. The only thing Sharon isn’t crazy about is the price.

BillAdvisor 1, Provider 0

After some convincing, her BillAdvisor convinces DIRECTV to provide Sharon with her favorite premium show at a special reduced price with absolutely no change in her service. Then, she calls Comcast® and also secures a promotional discount for Sharon as well.

So how much money did BillAdvisor end up saving Sharon? Take a look below! $30/mo. off her DIRECTV bill + a promotional credit + $20/mo. promotional discount for 1 year =


BillAdvisor saved Sharon G. $50 per month!

Monica W

When Bills Attack

Monica W. is under heavy financial strain due to medical bills. She has internet and home phone bundled together, which is designed to save more money.

Unfortunately, her bundled Windstream™ bill has increased steadily, and it’s only getting worse despite the fact that she only uses her services for several months out of the year. As a resident of a rural area, Monica is also concerned about having a lowered quality of service due to limited provider options.

Monica wants to make sure she gets the best deal, so she gets in touch with BillAdvisor, agreeing to have an agent handle her bill negotiations.

Doing The Right Thing

When talking to Windstream™, a BillAdvisor explains that Monica is a loyal customer who really needs to lower her monthly bills to focus on the most priceless thing: her health.

Emphasizing Monica’s need to reduce her bill, BillAdvisor wrangles a discount for the bundle over the next 12 months. She also secures a one-time credit for her upcoming bill.

“You are very good!”

Monica is extremely impressed with her BillAdvisor agent’s negotiating skills. She’s dealt with the same company repeatedly and was unsuccessful in reducing her bill on her own, sometimes staying on the phone for hours!

Monica finally got a deal with Windstream™ that will help her financially:


BillAdvisor saved Monica $15 per month, + a $15 one-time credit!


Tried & True

Renae T. has non-bundled Charter Spectrum® internet and TV. She’s been their customer for 15 long years and wants to explore options for reducing her monthly bill of $174.95, especially after seeing an advertisement for a Charter Spectrum® internet discount.

Wanting to know if there are any opportunities to lower her bill, she phones BillAdvisor and speaks to a veteran BillAdvisor agent ready to take on her providers.

Renae T

To Discount, or Not to Discount?

Her BillAdvisor agent explains that existing customers are usually not eligible for the promotional discount she saw because providers reserve them for new customers. Renae was disappointed to hear about the common provider tactic of dishing out promotional rates to fresh sign-ups while raising rates on existing customers.

Luckily for Renae, BillAdvisor has special provider contacts and our agents have enough experience to know how to work around these restrictions.

When BillAdvisor Has Your Back

When the BillAdvisor calls Renae’s provider to negotiate her monthly TV and internet bills, the customer service representative claims their offer is better than a competitor and she can’t go any lower. That’s when Renae’s BillAdvisor informs the rep she’s already negotiated a lower option with the competitor, so Renae will pay less if she decides to take the offer.

Renae decides to bundle her services, reducing what she owes. Her BillAdvisor triumphantly negotiates a deal similar to that of a new customer, with a free DVR so Renae can record her favorite shows without reduced channels. In the end, Renae got a great deal like what is offered to brand-new customers!

Here’s how it turned out:


BillAdvisor saved Renae T. $34 per month, + a free DVR!


Your BillAdvisors are exhaustive negotiators who fight for your right to pay less, no matter how long you’ve been with your service. Learn what your BillAdvisor can do for you today.