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We uncover savings and negotiate discounts for you to save more money, month after month. Our bill shopping and negotiation services are designed for you to win better deals without the time-consuming headache of dealing with providers.

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You deserve only the best value at the best price. Start by choosing one of your current services below. Answer a few questions, and our advocates will start finding amazing deals today!

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TV $360/mo.

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Internet $264/mo.

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Cell Phone $353/mo.

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Insurance $293/mo.

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Energy 25%/mo.

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How It Works

How BillAdvisor Works

So, what exactly is BillAdvisor and how does it work? Here’s a breakdown of how we hunt the best deals and savings opportunities for you.

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What You Get

What You Get

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Fast & 100% secure negotiation of your monthly bills

You get the lowest possible rate on your recurring bills without the headache of long phone holds.

Promotion & contract end-date monitoring

BillAdvisor will keep an eye on your promotional rate end dates and your contracts. Your bills will never unexpectedly skyrocket again.

BillAdvisor Protect

You will get BillAdvisor Protect for FREE ($30 value). We work to protect you, and you’ll be covered in case of identity theft.

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These people got tired of being nickeled-and-dimed on their bills. See what happened when they became BillAdvisor members and started getting better deals on their monthly recurring bills!


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Thousands of people have taken the BillAdvisor Challenge and dramatically cut their monthly rates. The average member saves over $800/year on their monthly bills. See the leaderboard featuring the top-saving members so far!

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Santiago G.TV, Internet, Energy


Todd D.TV, Cell Phone


Jeremy P.TV, Internet, Cell Phone


Kevin S.TV, Internet, Cell Phone


Jessie C.TV, Internet, Cell Phone


April P.Energy


Stephanie L.TV, Internet, Cell Phone, Energy


Butch D.TV, Internet


David K.Internet


Beverlyn R.Internet

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What does BillAdvisor cost?

For BillAdvisor members, your membership is automatically renewed at just $12.99 per month - no matter the total savings or how many services we shop for you.

This is easily the best value for those who want to save the most money over time for current and future services.

For additional information, please call 1-855-821-4571

Do I have to pay for each negotiation?

For non-members using BillAdvisor: you only pay for half of the savings for the length of your service.

For BillAdvisor Gold members: your membership amount is the same value rate of $12.99 per month - no matter how much we save for you!

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