Companies assisting victims of Hurricane Harvey

Even though Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas, we're picking up the pieces and staying strong despite devastation. The losses of property and peace-of-mind will take time to heal, but at BillAdvisor we noticed there were certain companies willing and eager to help. Certain banks and local credit unions have stepped up to assist their members, so we want to make it easy for those affected to find them. Have you been affected by Hurricane Harvey? Is your financial institution of choice on the list? Check the info below to see how these banks are keeping your money Texas strong.

American Express

    Card Members in FEMA-declared designated counties:
  • Automatically waiving or refunding any late fees August 26, 2017 through October 1, 2017
  • Automatically waiving or refunding any return check fees August 26, 2017 through October 1, 2017
  • In addition, if you have special spending needs or would like to make alternative payment arrangements, American Express can help.

If your American Express Card is lost, damaged or not accessible, American Express can quickly replace it for you. The Global Assist Team is also on standby to help with emergency financial, medical or lodging assistance. These services include wiring money, locating available hotel rooms, and assisting with medical referrals and prescription replacement.

To access any of these services, call the number on the back of your card or 1-800-528-4800, or tweet @AskAmex for help.

Bank of America

    Automatic refunds of the following:
  • Deposit fees for overdraft, non-sufficient funds, Overdraft Protection transfers, extended overdrawn balance charges, and non-Bank of America ATM fees.
  • Debit card rush and replacement fees.
  • Fees for early withdrawal on a CD.
  • Bank of America® credit card cash advance fees and Overdraft Protection transfer fees on credit cards
  • Late payment fees on credit cards, and some consumer and small business loans, including home equity, auto and personal loans.
  • Bank of America's Client Assistance team will also help with:
  • Credit line increases on your existing Bank of America Visa® and MasterCard® credit cards.
  • Modified or extended payments on loans, credit cards or lines of credit .

Call 855-729-1764 for more information.

Capital One

On its Twitter account, Capital One said card and account holders affected by Hurricane Harvey should call for personal assistance. Tweet @AskCapitalOne or call the number on your cards or statements.

Call 800-955-7070 for more information.

Associated Credit Union of Texas

Institution has established the ACU Employee and Member Disaster Fund to benefit both members and employees. See more here

Call 800-848-0330 for more information.


    For customers in Greater Houston and FEMA-declared areas, available through September 10:
  • Automatic waiving or refunding late fees for mortgage, credit card, business banking, auto loans and leases
  • Automatic waiving or refunding overdraft, service and ATM fees on consumer and business checking and savings accounts
  • 90-day grace period on mortgage and home equity payments. No fees or send negative credit data will be reported

Call 888-356-0023 for more information.

Wells Fargo

    For account holders in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey:
  • Waiving ATM fees for customers
  • Reversals of other fees (like late fees) for all customer products, like credit cards and checking accounts
  • Home lending customers may also be eligible to receive payment and disaster assistance
  • Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards customers in all states can begin to redeem and donate rewards to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund through September 12th.

Wells Fargo Home Lending: 888-818-9147
Go Far Rewards Service Center: 877-517-1358

BBVA Compass

For customers in the 58 affected counties:

Waiving fees for any BBVA Compass ATMs. Allows customers and non-customers to use them without BBVA charges.

Call 800-266-7277 for more information.

Community Bank of Texas

    Available for members from August 25 through September 10:
  • Waiving or refunding late fees for loans
  • Waiving or refunding overdraft and ATM fees, (any ATM surcharges will be auto-refunded at end of day)

Call Center: 866-427-9306
Treasury Services: 888-658-7327

Community Bank of Texas

    Available for members until September 30, 2017:
  • New 'Skip-A-Pay' feature waives fees until September 30, 2017. Learn more at:
  • Emergency Relief Loans up to $1,000 for qualifying members starting at fixed 5.99% APR, with up to 12-mo. terms and 60-day payment deferral options

Call 800-678-5197 for more information.
Bill Pay Service Center: 866-956-1219

Frost Bank

    Available for members in Houston, Galveston, Rockport, Fulton, and Port Aransas through September 8, 2017:
  • Fees waived for overdraft and insufficient funds incurred from August 28 through September 8. Fees already incurred on August 28 will be refunded
  • Greater Houston and Galveston customers can make withdrawals at any Frost Bank ATMs, without fees
  • Frost is also waiving the surcharge fee for non-customers at all ATMs located at our financial centers in the Houston and Galveston areas

Call 800-513-7678 for more information.

Primeway Federal Credit Union

    For members:
  • Loan modification fees waived for PrimeWay Mortgage holders who need to skip a payment
  • For holders of home equity, home improvement or mortgage loans, expressed permission is legally required to skip a month’s payment, so please email with your name, address and a direct phone number

Member Home Loan Customer Service: 866-520-4702
PrimeWay Elan Credit Card: 800-242-4271
Member Services: 800-554-5690

Regions Bank

    Offers available for those in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey:
  • Regions fees waived for our customers at non-Regions bank ATMs in affected areas
  • Regions ATM fees waived for non-customers at Regions ATMs in the affected areas
  • One penalty-free CD withdrawal
  • Personal loan payment extensions and forbearances
  • Payment extensions available for existing credit card holders
  • 50% discount on standard rates for new business loans up to $1 million to help with recovery needs
  • 50% discount on standard rates and waiving of applicable processing fees for new personal unsecured loans to help with recovery needs
  • 90-day deferrals on business loan payments on existing loans for those in the affected areas

Call 800-734-4667 for more information.
Holders of home equity and other consumer loans: 1-866-298-1113
Mortgage hotline: 800-748-9498
Hurricane Harvey Customer Assistance: 800-411-9393

Texas First Bank

Contact Texas First Bank for financial assistance such as extensions on existing loan payments, or money lending for personal or commercial property repairs or remodels.

Call 409-948-1990 for more information.


Contact BB&T directly if you're experiencing any of the following due to Hurricane Harvey: Storm-related overdrafts, returned items, negative account balances, or late loan payment fees..

Call 800-226-5228 for more information.

People's Trust Federal Credit Union

    For members affected by Hurricane Harvey:
  • Relief loans with special low interest rates
  • 1 free, automatically skipped payment for auto and personal loans

Real Estate Loans: 713-428-3287
Member Home Loans: 832-912-2151
People’s Trust Credit Cards: 713-428-3287
Member Services: 800-321-2411

Smart Financial

    Now until October 31:
  • Skip 1 - 2 payments on qualifying Smart Financial auto or personal loans. $25 fee for each skipped loan is waived.
  • Extending summer promotional rates on auto and signature loans through October 31
  • Auto loans APR rates as low as 1.74%
  • Signature loan APR rates as low as 5.99%

Member Service Center: 800-392-5084 or