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Internet Service Secrets


Many people just like you are limited in their internet options by local cable or telephone providers. But, the secret these companies won’t always tell you is that their packages and prices are frequently lowered to compete with each other. You often won’t know when this happens, so your bill stays the same. Knowing a cheaper option is available can help you save money, and your Bill Advisor will always fight for the best rate possible. We know the tricks of virtually all nationwide internet service providers, so relax and let us find those internet service discounts for you!

We shop these great providers & more:

Time Warner Cable
Century Link
  • Send us your bills
    You can send us your bills directly from our website, e-mail, or text. It’s super simple. You don’t have to send them all at once – one at a time is fine. If you can’t find your bill to send, just tell us who your provider is and how much you’re paying.
  • We go to work for you
    Once we have your bills, we’ll give you an idea of how much you will save, and then we go to work for you. We won't change your speeds/data/plan without consulting you. We will do the work and you get the savings.
  • We continue to work for you
    BillAdvisor isn’t a one-and-done company. Once we save you money on your bill, we’ll monitor it long-term so that you continue saving down the road. We do this for all of the bills you give us, helping you keep as much money in your wallet as possible.