How BillAdvisor Saves You Money on Monthly Bills

Our Average Customer Saves $600 on Their Monthly Bills!

Don’t Take Our Word For it. Hear real feedback from happy customers.

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We Negotiate Monthly Bills for Services Like…

  • Satellite & Cable TV Service
  • Home Telephone Service
  • Bundled Services
  • Internet Service
  • Wireless Cell Phone Service
  • Deregulated Energy Services
  • Home Security

BillAdvisor Packages

BillAdvisor Silver

You’ll start saving money with BillAdvisor Silver right away. We advocate for you, negotiating with your providers to uncover the best savings that meet your individual needs.

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BillAdvisor Gold

For our BillAdvisor Gold, negotiation services are included in your membership…in addition to the other fantastic benefits.

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Who We Help

We help people who are paying too much for their monthly recurring services. We’ve discovered this to be over 80% of our members! Paying too much is a problem that you may not even realize you have…No matter which provider you have, if you’ve ever felt the following, we’re here to advocate for you:

  • Tired of seeing your rate creep up, making a disturbing dent in your wallet?
  • Ever wonder why you pay more for the exact same service as a neighbor or friend?
  • Need a better auto insurance rate but don’t know where or how to start shopping?
  • Want advice on how to reduce your sky high cell phone bill?

Your BillAdvisor concierge takes care of all of this and more, based on your needs. We monitor any rate hikes and promotional discounts that will increase your bills once they end.

With no sneaky “consultation fees” or hidden rates, you get professional, expert service. We work with integrity to both your bills and you – and never impersonate you to a provider. The more we shop, the more you save money!

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