What BillAdvisor Does for You

Your Bill Advisors work hard to find savings on your monthly service bills no matter if you’ve had a service for 20 years or 2 days.

You get the best results due to our years of experience with different provider companies in the TV, cell phone, internet, energy, and insurance industries.

Since we know how these companies work, it gives us a huge advantage! This allows us to maximize the ways you save money on bills and compare options.

In fact, our experts save the average BillAdvisor member over $830/year on their monthly bills.

Lower Your Monthly Bills

You’re overpaying for your monthly recurring bills. We perform an analysis of what you’re paying, and show you where we can save you.

Access to Bill Negotiation

Love your provider, but hate your bill? Our Platinum members get unlimited Bill Negotiation, where we contact your provider directly and get you a better ongoing rate for the same – or even better – service.

Contract Monitoring

When does your bill usually see the biggest jump? When your contracts end. We’ll stay on top of expiring discounts and continue to chase you new ones – today, next month, and next year.

Members Only Perks

A personalized dashboard that shows your savings, additional savings opportunities on other services, personal finance tips, and so much more! Only available in our members only section.

What is Bill Negotiation?
1. mutual discussion and arrangement in order to lower the prices of recurring billed services.
2. the process of negotiating discounts, credits, and/or other special offers to reduce the amount owed on a recurring bill.
3. a way to reduce the stress & frustration of calling customer service.

While it’s not a new concept for customers looking to lower their monthly expenses, bill negotiation is an art.

Speaking to the right decision-makers in the correct manner can save customers hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the lifetime or contract of a service. That’s why many people often try and fail to successfully negotiate deals and discounts on their own. For a process which seems so simple, bill negotiation requires a background knowledge of the company, familiarity with the types of services being paid for, and a reference point to compare provider offers.

Lowering your monthly recurring bills is an art that BillAdvisor experts have mastered, ensuring you get real savings through bill negotiation.

Our Promises to You

Working with your personal Bill Advisor is hassle-free. We’ll never compromise your privacy or our integrity. Your best deal is our biggest concern. We act based on your needs & wants, and only you authorize all changes. No hidden fees are included.