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We are extremely proud of the way we transform people’s bills into real savings.

But, we’re not in it for bragging rights. We want to make sure you don’t waste time on the phone with companies only to get meager discounts. So, this is where we recount our successes and proudest moments - helping customers on their journey to regain their time, achieve more savings, and enjoy better services.

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$816 Saved

Lynette Brooks helped us cut our cell phone bill by over $80. She was always professional and went above & beyond to help us!! I highly recommend this service.

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Shelley S.
via Facebook

$1,464 Saved

Very well pleased in my savings, service and quality of my product specialist Melinda May. She saved me a lot of money and have me a lot of information that I did not know about as far as my savings. She rocks! I will recommend Bill Advisor to my friends and hope to save more in next month's with my other bills.

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Rosalie D.
via Google

$1,943 Saved

Tracy was wonderful with helping me get my Frontier bill lowered. I never heard of bill advisor but seems like a great service for people in need of lowering their bills. I will certainly pass this service on to friends that need this kind of help.

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Rosemarie M.
via Trustpilot

$2,189 Saved

Awesome Job out of the Gate! Thank You! Pearl is a Superstar!

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$1,870 Saved

When I initially heard of Bill Advisors, I was like, "yeah right!?" However, once I experienced their services, I as pleasantly surprised. On the first phone call to my cell phone company, the representative was able to save me $320 annually class="p-review" on my cell phone bill. Then the next representative Rose, she was able to save me on my cable bill and in fact had them waive my current bill due to the corporate actions by my cable company to waive the current bill for Hurricane victims, something I would have never asked. All I can say is for their nominal annual fee to be a member, it is well worth it in terms of reducing one's monthly expenses.

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Allen B.
via Trustpilot

$2,118 Saved

Wow, bonded with my advisor Lynette and with only Direct TV, Rise Broadband and ATT mobile she saved me $2,000/yr for the future so far. Needless to say but way over my expectations.

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