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We are extremely proud of the way we transform people’s bills into real savings.

But, we’re not in it for bragging rights. We want to make sure you don’t waste time on the phone with companies only to get meager discounts. So, this is where we recount our successes and proudest moments - helping customers on their journey to regain their time, achieve more savings, and enjoy better services.

The Biggest BillAdvisor Winners

Thousands of people have taken the BillAdvisor Challenge and dramatically cut their monthly rates. The average member saves at least $600/year on their monthly bills.

See the biggest saving members to-date in the leaderboard below!

NameServices Saved


Todd D.TV, Cell Phone


Kevin S.TV, Internet, Cell Phone


Stephanie L.TV, Internet, Cell Phone, Energy


David K.Internet


Christie W.Internet


Glen M.Internet, Cell Phone


Mary C.TV, Internet


Loretta G.TV, Internet, Cell Phone


Randy W.TV, Internet, Cell Phone


Julie B.TV, Internet


BillAdvisor Reviews

These people got tired of being nickeled-and-dimed on their bills. See what happened when they took the BillAdvisor Challenge and won big!


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