Your Questions About BillAdvisor

The answers to all of the questions on how BillAdvisor saves you money on monthly bills.


What is BillAdvisor?

BillAdvisor is a one-stop-shop for people looking to save money on their recurring monthly services. Founded in 2015, BillAdvisor negotiators use their in-depth knowledge of service provider companies to help customers. We eliminate the frustration of paying ridiculous rates every month and the time-consuming process of seeking better deals.

For members, personalized services include:

  • Bill analysis & negotiation
  • Comparison shopping for better deals
  • Recommendations on reducing service rates
  • Facilitating evaluations of your insurance policies to licensed agents (so you’re never over- nor underinsured)
  • Monitoring of contract and/or promotion end-dates to notify you of more affordable offers

We advocate for all members, no matter the type of recurring service - internet, TV, cell phone, auto insurance, homeowner insurance, and more.

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What kind of bills can you help me with?

BillAdvisor works to find you affordable options on many monthly recurring services, like:

  • Television
  • Internet
  • Mobile phones
  • Energy & electricity
  • Property & casualty insurance (auto, homeowners, etc)
  • Other subscription services

There are certain bills that we don’t shop. The following bills are not eligible for BillAdvisor service:

  • Health insurance and medical bills
  • Credit-based bills and loans
  • Accounts that are not in good standing (the better your standing, the more money we can save for you)
  • Energy bills in regulated states

How can I get in touch with someone at BillAdvisor?

If you have questions or need assistance, we’d love to hear from you! There are currently two ways you can get in touch with us:

  1. Email:
  2. Phone number: 1-855-821-4571

Customer Service

Do I have to stay on the phone when you call my provider?

We strive to make the bill negotiation process simple, so you are not required to stay for the entire call. With your verbal authorization to a BillAdvisor customer advocate, we can successfully shop for you while you get on with your day.

How much control does BillAdvisor have over my accounts?

Unlike other bill negotiation services, we will never impersonate you in order to save you money. Here’s our policy:

  • Only you can authorize any changes to your bills and/or accounts.
  • We also don’t start working on any bill until we have your authorization.
  • All offers are presented to you to decide - we don’t do anything without your consent.

Your BillAdvisor concierge won’t call your providers and pretend to be you. Being upfront about who we are allows us to uncover better opportunities for you.

I don’t use my service for the entire year. Can you still lower my bill?

Absolutely! Instead of paying for a full year of service, we’ll negotiate your bill for however long you use it.

For example, say you’re a BillAdvisor Silver member who uses internet service for just 6 months. If we negotiate $15 off your bill, that equals $90 saved for 6 months. You will only pay $45!

For BillAdvisor Platinum members with the same example, your base rate of $12.99 will cover all negotiations, so you save even more money.

After you reduce my bills, why should I keep BillAdvisor service?

We’re not a one-trick pony. We know these industries inside and out. That’s a big advantage.

Get the maximum value from BillAdvisor with alerts about your ending promotions and lower-cost alternatives. These are better than what your providers will offer and can include special deals.

That means you’ll save much more over the lifetime of your membership! We’re always looking out for you and will continue to expand our services for members.


What does BillAdvisor cost?

For BillAdvisor Platinum members, your membership is automatically renewed at just $12.99 per month - no matter the total savings or how many services we shop for you.

This is easily the best value for those who want to save the most money over time for current and future services.

For additional information, please call 1-855-821-4571

Do I have to pay for each negotiation?

For non-members using BillAdvisor: you only pay for half of the savings for the length of your service.

For BillAdvisor Platinum members: your membership amount is the same value rate of $12.99 per month - no matter how much we save for you!

How do I cancel service with BillAdvisor?

If at any time BA is not saving you an amount equal or greater than your monthly subscription amount, you may discontinue services with BA. To cancel your account, you must notify your BA concierge by phone. The cancellation date will be the last day of the billing period for which you have already pre-paid. BA reserves the right to cancel your account at any time for any reason, in such instance BA will communicate this to you, including the effective date.