Useful Goal-Setting Advice That Will Catapult Your Confidence

Do you have a goal that seems almost impossible to reach?

Maybe you struggle with finding ways to increase your income, get better control over your finances, take a big vacation, or start a business with limited funds… Maybe you just want to save more money in general.

Whatever it is, and for whatever reason, you’re getting further away from your hopes and dreams without a plan. Many people have a hard time setting goals and achieving them – so you’re not alone.

No one is simply born knowing exactly what to do to become successful. There’s often a learning curve involved, so let’s shorten that curve with 3 tips from people who changed their lives by meeting their goals.

#1. Thou Shall Be Specific

Perhaps you heard of the S.M.A.R.T goal template. If not, the video below explains exactly how you can set up your goals for success using this method.

So, why should you use the S.M.A.R.T template?

Goal-setting is worthless unless you’re certain about what you want to accomplish. Start by being as specific as possible. Your goal should seem so easily attainable that distractions won’t matter. Specify not only your general goal, but also how you’re going to measure or track your progress, as well.

#2. Thou Shall Have Self Control

In the most often-cited study on self control, certain preschool-aged children chose to delay the benefit of eating one snack in order to get double the amount later. These children grew up to have better academic performance and stress-coping skills. According to researchers at Columbia University:

To function effectively, individuals must voluntarily postpone immediate gratification and persist in goal-directed behavior for the sake of later outcomes.

Self-discipline can seem intimidating, but it’s essential for at least starting your goals. And, it really isn’t very scary at all when you consider the payoff.

Sure, some people are born with greater resistance to temptation which helps boost self-discipline, but you can develop this way of thinking by challenging yourself. Here’s how:

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#3. Thou Shall Have Fun (But a Sacrifice May Be Required)

A key part of motivating yourself and avoiding distraction is being grateful for a pleasant experience. Take it from a woman who made a sacrifice so she could travel the world…

This one might come as a surprise, but why should it? If you want to reach a specific goal, shouldn’t you actually like the plan you follow? Of course you should. So don’t forget to create an enjoyable way to get closer to your goals.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to tackle your goals, go out and make it happen!

Remember these commandments, and you’ll have endless power to create your best reality and actualize your dreams.

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