BillAdvisor Daily Review | 7-24-2017

Can BillAdvisor negotiators really lower your monthly bills?

Real customers have saved lots of money on their recurring services after trying bill negotiation. And, believe it or not, so can you.

Think it’s too good to be true?

The savings are real, folks – there are no gimmicks or one-trick ponies here! Everyday, our exceptionally talented team helps people start saving the money they were previously wasting on bills.

Check out how much the biggest savers won back in their pockets with bill negotiation on July 24, 2017!

biggest BillAdvisor savers in daily review for 7-24-2017
  1. Nicholas L. from Spring, TX saved $847 on his cable TV and internet service.
  2. Billy M. from Magnolia, TX saved $534 on his satellite radio subscription.
  3. David Q. from Houston, TX saved $567.36 on his cell phone.