Daily BillAdvisor Review of 5.11.2017

Are Your Monthly Bills Stealing Your Joy?

No one is ever happy to see a bill… especially if you’re paying way more than you have to! You could be keeping hundreds or thousands of dollars a year instead of shelling it out to your service providers every month. But where can you get help?

Having a personal Bill Advisor advocate for you gives you substantial discounts and money-saving promos on your monthly bills. You’ll even start seeing your rates drop within the next couple of billing cycles! Not convinced? See how much money we saved these members off their bundles and bills in our daily BillAdvisor review for May 11, 2017.

saving money with bill negotiation on the BillAdvisor daily review 5.11.2017
  1. Todd D. saved $3,334.92 off of his satellite TV, home security, and smartphone bundle.
  2. Constance G. saved $179 off of her cable TV and smartphone bill.
  3. James B. saved $456 off of his internet bill.