Daily BillAdvisor Review of 5.19.2017

Monthly Bills Eating Up Your Budget? Time to Fight Back!

Maybe you think that your bills are way too expensive – and you’d be correct – but your service providers won’t tell you everything you need to know.

We discovered that over 80% of our members were paying for hidden fees and unnecessary charges, so we decided to help them take back their spending power.

See how much money we saved these members off their bundles and bills in today’s BillAdvisor review for May 19, 2017.

how BillAdvisor advocates and negotiates to save customers money, featuring the top 3 daily savers for 5.19.2017
  1. Brian C. saved $1,068 off of his satellite TV bill.
  2. Mark C. saved $900 off of his internet and satellite TV bundle.
  3. Eric J. saved $773.28 off of his internet service bill.

Being a BillAdvisor member gifts you with a powerful negotiator who sticks up for your rights as a customer. They’ll find great promotional discounts and other deals that lower your monthly bills and save you money over time!