Daily BillAdvisor Review of 5.10.2017

Are Your Monthly Bills Stealing Your Joy?

No one is ever happy to see a bill… But you’re especially unexcited if you’re paying way more than you have to! That extra hard-earned money adds up, and you could be pocketing hundreds or thousands of dollars a year instead of wasting it on bills. But how do you start?

Having a personal Bill Advisor advocate for you will help you start seeing substantial savings on your monthly services within the next couple of billing cycles. Not totally convinced? See how much money we saved these members off their bundles and bills in our daily BillAdvisor review for May 10, 2017.

people saving money with BillAdvisor in the daily review 5.10.2017
  1. Lance Z. saved $300 off of his satellite TV and internet bundle.
  2. Cynthia P. saved $768 off of her smartphone bill.
  3. Paul D. saved $394.18 off of his TV, home phone and internet bundle.