Daily BillAdvisor Review of 5.18.2017

Start Saving Money & Stop Wasting It On Your Monthly Bills

You’re definitely overpaying on your bills. Maybe you suspected that, but your service providers won’t tell you everything you need to know.

Even if you’re a loyal long-term customer, it can be really difficult to get the appreciation you deserve. So what can you do about it? Spend long hold times on the phone just to request a promotional discount they say you’re not eligible for? No way – who has the time and patience for that?

Being a BillAdvisor member provides you with a powerful negotiator who sticks up for your rights as a customer. They’ll find great promotional discounts and other deals that lower your monthly bills and save you money over time! Not convinced? See how much money we saved these members off their bundles and bills in the following daily BillAdvisor review for May 18, 2017.

proof BillAdvisor saves customers money off their monthly bills with the top 3 daily savers for 5.18.2017
  1. Ken B. saved $1,097 off of his cell phone bill.
  2. Ronald W. saved $567.24 off of his internet and home phone bundle.
  3. Brooke B. saved $432 off of her cell phone bill.